Our Process

Conception … to completion

Our highly trained designers can keep you fully informed throughout the entire design process – ensuring the end product is tailored to your specific requirements. A brief description of the steps involved in a typical new build project is as follows:-

  • Initial discussions with client
  • Feasibility Study if requested
  • Conceptual design arrangement
  • Preliminary design calculations
  • Continue discussions with client as required
  • Finalise design arrangement
  • Prepare Design Specification
  • Prepare tender documentation and specification if required
  • Detailed design calculations – weight estimates, preliminary hull form design, preliminary stability data etc
  • Finalise Hull model and generate lines plan
  • Finalise design calculations using final hull model and lines plan, produce hydrostatics, KNs, subdivision calc etc. based on conditions and class of survey required.
  • Structural Design calculations.
  • Preparation of hull construction drawings.
  • Finalise hull construction drawings and superstructure Drawings
  • Continuous checking throughout all stages of design and plan preparation
  • Regulatory Body Submissions
  • Prepare engineering drawings:- shafting, coupling, rudder, piping, etc.
  • Loadline – if required, prepare loadline drawing and calculate loadline
  • On completion of vessel:- if required, conduct sea trials, conduct inclining experiment, prepare stability report.
  • Vessel Handover














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